California Reverse Mortgages by your Sacramento Reverse Mortgage Provider

Reverse Mortgages Provide Unique Financial Solutions

I met with a couple both age 66 this week and they have enough money to make it to age 79 at which time they no longer have any money. They currently have around $75,000 and they spend around $5,000 a month to live their lifestyle. The reverse mortgage allows them to live with their current finances to age 97, I think that should be long enough for most people.

This is just one example of how the reverse mortgage has changed the life of a couple to allow them comfort in their retirement. Using someone that understands retirement planning to help you see if a reverse mortgage is the right solution can help you make an informed choice.

As a provider of California Reverse Mortgages from my Sacramento Reverse Mortgage Location I can help anyone that is ready for a Reverse Mortgage in California.

Jeffrey Bangerter

NMLS# 18361