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Reverse Mortgage Useful in Tight Market

by Jeffrey L. Bangerter
October 30th 2008

The Spectrum Online has a nice article about seniors using the reverse mortgage as an alternate financial tool while home prices are dropping.

“Many of these senior homeowners rely on the family home as their ultimate source of financial security and stability.

“For most people, their home is their best financial asset,” said David Peskin, CEO of Senior Lending Network.”

I agree with this quote from David Peskin of Senior Lending Network which is one of the reverse mortgage lenders WSB Mortgage Services, Inc. offers to our senior borrowers.

You may recall the company name if I associate it with the Robert Wagner commercials.

WSB Mortgage also represents big names like Bank of America and Financial Freedom and Met Life Home Loans.

Our goal is to associate with all the biggest reverse mortgage lenders so our clients will have the best reverse mortgages to choose from.

The reverse mortgage industry is changing on a daily basis it seems and we want all of our borrowers to be able to shop reverse mortgage lenders in an easy way, let us do the shopping for you.

Give us a call and talk to a live person between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Pacific time and we will give you straight answers to your questions and we will give you a quote right over the phone.