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Reverse Mortgage To Save The Day!

by Jeffrey Bangerter
April 07, 2009

I took a call this past Friday from a woman that is trying to close her Reverse Mortgage with us, it is on her mobile home and it needed a permanent foundation installed in order to qualify under HUD Rules.

She proceeded to tell me that her current bank will start foreclosure proceedings this next Friday if we don’t close her new Reverse Mortgage before that.

She also told me that she not only needed the new Reverse Mortgage Loan to pay off her current loan and keep her secure in her home for the rest of her life but that with the remaining money she is going to buy a used car.

As of right now she has no car and is home bound because she cannot afford one unless or until we close her new Reverse Mortgage.

She went on to tell me that with her COPD she had to have a car to get around because she couldn’t drag around her oxygen tank even to go get groceries.

Every few days I hear someone tell me that the Reverse Mortgage is somehow a bad thing, yet I hear stories like this every week.

I guess if you have all the money you need or want, it may look like the Reverse Mortgage is expensive or that you are spending your children’s inheritance, but until you walk a mile in someone like this woman’s shoes you will never know.

I am proud of the fact that we at WSB Mortgage Services, Inc. have been able to help a few thousand senior’s live a more comfortable life.

To those negative people that only see the cost, I hope you will slow down for a minute and think about the person that is looking into a Reverse Mortgage Loan and try to put yourself in their situation.

Then ask yourself, should I continue to struggle for the rest of my life so my heirs get more or should I live a comfortable life and let my heirs have whatever is left?

If you know anyone like that, please submit the information so we can assist you in helping them.