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Reverse Mortgage Title Company Save Ladys Home

by Zach W Scott
May 23, 2011

The title company I use to do my Reverse Mortgage Loans had one of their clients who did not speak much English; a very sweet lady that had been praying every day that the title company would be able to clear up her title issues.

Her coverage area has some tough parts of town right on the border that had a high number of bankruptcies, foreclosures, vesting issues and low values. The client had a hard time with her youngest son over the years. He kept getting arrested and she and her husband bailed him out many times thru the same bonding company.

They were taken advantage of by a bondsman who tricked them into signing over the rights to their home. Aside from him being on title – and holding (2) bonds against the home; he had since gone out of business and no one could track him down.

The title company has been working on it since 3/1/11 – and somehow; the borrower’s son was able to find a local attorney who knew of the bondsman – and they were able to track him down to get him to sign a deed back to them; along with releases.

He has been running from the law – same story, many different people that were coerced into the same situation.

After 60 days of processing, the loan funded and the client was able to stay in her home.

The people in the Reverse Mortgage business are good and help many seniors remain in the homes.