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Personal Reverse Mortgage Experience

by Jeffrey L. Bangerter
August 28, 2010

A few years ago I help a husband and wife in Citrus Heights, CA get a reverse mortgage loan.

Their goal was to pay off a small current mortgage and make some needed repairs to the home they had lived in for around 30 years and finally take a dream vacation.

They did pay off their mortgage with the new reverse mortgage loan and for the first time in their lives they were able to live in their home with no monthly payments.

They also did make some needed and desired home improvements which made living in their home much more comfortable.

The thing that really made the difference in their lives was the dream vacation, they had always dreamed of taking a cruise to Alaska and during their working lives had never had the time and in retirement they never had the extra money.

The reverse equity mortgage gave them the money they wanted to take the vacation of their dreams.

When they returned they told me all about it and you could see the joy in their eyes as they spoke.

A few months after they returned they found out that the wife had cancer and they spent the next year fighting that terrible illness.

The husband told me of one of their visits to the doctor where they were told that the treatment would cost them $100.00 per pill after their health insurance deductible.

The wife commented that they could not afford her treatment, but the husband pointed out they could not before the reverse mortgage but they now had access to funds that would allow them to treat her.

They did get the treatment but in the end his wife passed on, his comment to me was that the reverse mortgage program allowed his wife to die in dignity.

They did not have to worry about money at a time when they needed to focus on her health and end of life needs.

For me as a reverse mortgage lender I feel sense of satisfaction in knowing that I made a big difference in their life, that the reverse mortgage allowed them to enjoy each other on their dream vacation and it offered them some personal dignity in death.

We all know that we will die and I encourage my elderly clients to embrace life while you are still healthy enough to enjoy it.

The equity in your home is yours to use just like any other money you may have accumulated, you can use it for your benefit and enjoyment or you can leave it to someone else to spend for their enjoyment.

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