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One Thing I Absolutely Love About The Reverse Mortgage Job

by Riley Bangerter
December 04, 2008

The one thing I absolutely love about the Reverse Mortgage business is the ability to truly change someone’s life. I’m sure many of you have seen this as well.

Here is a story of one of my recent clients that really made me feel that what I am doing is more than a reverse mortgage job or career it is truly a calling.

My client Miss Kelley was recently widowed after a long fulfilling marriage.

She has seen the ups and downs of the economies through her lifetime, but was always assured that her husband could and would provide for her and her children.

As with most marriages each spouse has specific responsibilities and Mr. Kelley handled the finances, so much so the Miss Kelley became unaware of what money they had or where they had it.

After fighting a battle with cancer Mr. Kelley passed away last year leaving his wife to sort out the finances, something she hadn’t had to do in over 50 years.

The recent economic slow down has hit Miss Kelley very hard.

Not only did she lose her husband but she has lost every penny of savings and could no longer afford her monthly obligations on her fixed income.

When I first met with Miss Kelley and her daughter I could see that she was truly scared of what the future holds.

Adding to this dilemma Miss Kelley’s daughter and her husband both worked in the construction industry and both have lost their jobs due to downsizing and are unable to help with the monthly obligations.

After explaining the reverse mortgage loan to the family I know they saw the benefits, but it really did take quite awhile to make Miss Kelley comfortable enough to make a financial decision.

Remember she hasn’t had to do that in over 50 years!

The family decided to move forward and we have closed the reverse mortgage loan eliminating Miss Kelley’s mortgage payments and increasing her monthly income with the Lifetime payments the reverse mortgage provided.

I got a call from Miss Kelley’s daughter Samantha and she started crying on the phone because she was so grateful that our paths crossed and that I was able to walk her and her Mother through the process.

I know deep down that I have changed the lives of these people and I have made new friends while doing so.

As I said before, the Reverse Mortgage is more than a Job or a Career. It is a Calling!