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by Zachary Scott
September 03, 2008

If you are considering a reverse mortgage loan, getting a good deal is probably your number one priority and you should shop around and compare your options and the offered terms.

Your number two priority should be who you deal with to get you your best reverse mortgage loan.

Take Brain Surgery for Instance…

You could learn everything you needed to know about Brain Surgery but you are not going to do Brain Surgery on yourself or a loved one.

You are going to use a person who is the expert in Brain Surgery…I hope…

And you should use the expert with tons of experiance…again I hope…

Now do you use the person that has done a couple of Brain Surgeries or the one that has done a couple of hundred (200) Brain Surgeries.

Priority one is good, priority two is better and may improve the quality of your life.

The Reverse Mortgage is not Brain Surgery but if used right the Reverse Mortgage Loan could improve the quality of your life.

We shop multiple Reverse Mortgage Lender Products and give you the side by side Reverse Mortgage Loan Comparison that most companies don’t want to show you.

You will have lots of choices.

We have alway abided by the rules set by HUD as it pertains to the Reverse Mortgage Loan (we disclose all aspects of the Reverse Mortgage Loan conditions).

Don’t fear the Reverse Mortgage Loan but use it as a tool to do the things that you need, want or dream about.

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