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Financial Freedom Has A New Owner

by Jeffrey L. Bangerter
January 06, 2009

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has announced the sale of failed S&L IndyMac to a new owner, IMB Management Holdings LP.

Included in the transaction is Financial Freedom, the number one reverse mortgage lender/home equity conversion mortgage (HECM) for seniors.

The FDIC says Financial Freedom is a reverse mortgage platform “with $1.5 billion of reverse mortgages and MSRs representing an unpaid principal balance of $20.2 billion” (MSRs = mortgage servicing rights).

For reverse mortgage borrowers and retired seniors the continuation of Financial Freedom should be seen as a positive event because more competition is always good for senior borrowers and Financial Freedom has been a major player in the reverse mortgage loan marketplace.

The purchase price will be roughly $13.9 billion.

The FDIC says it “has agreed to share losses on a portfolio of qualifying loans with New IndyMac assuming the first 20% of losses after which the FDIC will share losses 80/20 for the next 10% of losses and 95/5 thereafter.”

What this means in potential cash liabilities for the FDIC is unclear.

The new owners will also put in $1.3 billion in fresh capital.

In addition, the new owners will continue the FDIC’s existing loan modification/mortgage modification program and the FDIC will receive a majority of all cash flows generated from approximately $2 billion portfolio of construction and other loans.

We shopped 8 now 6 Reverse Mortgage Lenders and do most of our Reverse Mortgage business with Financial Freedom and they have always been honest and fair.

May they have continued success.